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CHF 200.00

Petit Stellou & Marelle – A wonderful and exclusive Baby Care Gift Set

There’s nothing better than welcoming a baby with this set including six high quality everyday baby essentials for a loving baby care routine!
Together with Swiss brand Marelle we offer this exclusive baby care gift set in a beautiful gift box.

You’ll find our beloved baby classics NOOSHI Blanket & Cuddle in signature colour *Sage* limited and only available in this set and the Petit Stellou baby brush known and loved for its finest goat hair giving soothing and caressing head massages to a baby.

Accompanied by Marelle's certified organic skin care line consisting of three high-quality baby essentials for everyday use: an Ultra gentle cleansing gel for baby skin and hair, a Micellar floral water for daily baby cleansing and care and a Delicate hydrating cream that nourishes, softens and protects baby's delicate skin. All Marelle products are produced in Switzerland from high quality ingredients. Cosmos Organic certified.

Simply the best out of two Swiss brand worlds! #bettertogether

 The Petit Stellou Products:

• NOOSHI Cuddle *Sage*

• NOOSHI Blanket *Sage*

• Baby brush

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The Marelle products:

• Ultra gentle cleansing gel

• Micellar floral water

• Delicate hydrating cream

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Perfect match with gift set #2!

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