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The conception
With a vision to unite fulfilling work and family life, Petit Stellou was born.
As designers and creative entrepreneurs, we develop new ideas, work to bring them to life, and create products that embellish the everyday and celebrate life.
Truly everything we make is what we as designers and lovers of beautiful things want for our own and the ones we love. And being able to share this work with you is the most rewarding part of what we do!
We've made it our mission to only make products you'll love.
They should feel good, look good. All fairly made from the best materials. Pieces that will accompany you through the lively family years. Pieces that will one day go into your keepsake box. Pieces that you give to your dearest friends and happily pass on when the little ones have outgrown them.

Conscious creation
We only produce in limited quantities at a time so we can sell everything we produce before making more. We do not rely on trends and do not produce seasonally.
We do not carry overstocks.
Producing large quantities just to achieve lower prices is not in line with our values.
We don't want to be a super famous brand that is sold in every store in the world, but we want to make just enough for everyone who really loves our products.
You are the ones we have in mind, your feedback is important to us.

Slow Fashion
Unlike fast fashion, which is ephemeral in quality and style, slow fashion products are made to withstand the whims and trends. It is a lifestyle where you make a conscious choice to consume less and consume better, choosing companies and quality products that will last for many years.
Since we don't produce seasonally, we also make our producers happy.
Often brands want their products finished at the same times of the year. This leads to great stress on the production side during short periods and order lulls in the weeks in between.
Our producers thank us for this flexibility with top quality.
One more reason why we can look back on several years of business relations full of mutual appreciation.

Authentic and personal
With Instagram we have found a great way to keep in touch with you. Your messages and pictures with our products mean the world to us!
Don’t ever hesitate to contact us for feedback, help or requests!
All our collaborations are with cool people like you who love Petit Stellou. We believe in authenticity. Those who love us will find us!

Fair prices
Our prices are fairly calculated. We don’t run seasonal sales. You can have peace of mind to buy our products on your own timeline, because you love them and when you need them. But every now and then there is something to celebrate. We will share this via our newsletter and on our Instagram account.

Our guarantee with the LOVE label
Quality and sustainability are core values for us. We choose our manufacturers carefully. All production partners have certificates that guarantee the most conscious and careful interaction with people and the environment as well as resource-saving processes.
Since we manufacture many different products and often only in small batches, certifications on the individual products are not always possible.
Therefore we created the LOVE label which embodies our values.

Lovely products are things that grow on us. And they do so from day one.
They become favorite pieces that last for many years. Often they even become more beautiful through use and years. We believe that by consuming consciously and prioritizing quality, we need less which also means taking care of our planet.

Focusing on environmentally friendly production is a major core value for us. Together with our production partners, we are always looking for new ways to make our products even more sustainable.
We work as far as possible with natural, renewable or recycled materials. Our organic cotton is GOTS certified. Our wood manufacturer runs a sustainable reforestation program. We try to avoid the use of plastic wherever possible and ship your packages climate neutral. We heat our warehouse with wood pellets.

By versatile products we mean things that are in constant use. Really practical things that are beautiful and long-lasting at the same time. Products that either grow with you or can be passed on. We like things to be simple. Simple, yet stylish, blending wonderfully into your personal lifestyle. Whether colorful or monochrome – our products like both!

Our production partners are located in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania. They all comply with the applicable EU labor laws and are also committed to the development and training of their employees.
They have their processes regularly audited by independent institutions and hold the following certificates: GOTS, SMETA, Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BCI, amfori BSCI.
Through our regular visits, we have insight into the production processes, know our partners for several years and maintain trusting relationships.