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Better together

Our Story

Over twenty-five years ago, we both began a perfectly normal and equally wonderful journey into adulthood. Being a woman, becoming a mother, remaining yourself. And growing into new roles at the same time. Listening, perceiving, feeling. Acting and taking responsibility. Feeling joy and amazement - but also doubting and struggling. The limits we came up against were mostly invisible and always unexpected.
When our paths crossed over ten years ago, we knew that we shared the same idea of a colorful family and exciting working life. When we joined forces in 2011, we felt that we could better achieve this compatibility with mutual support. Since then, we have been combining our strengths, pooling our ideas, growing and developing both as a company and personally.

Made with Love

Our claim

We have made it our mission to only make products that you will love. They should feel good, look good, be made from the best materials and be fairly produced. Pieces that will accompany you through the lively family years. Pieces that will one day go into the box of memories. Pieces that you will give to your dearest friends and that you will be happy to pass on when the little people have outgrown them.

EVA by Petit Stellou

More than products

Our NOOSHIs and elephants accompany us every day and together with all our other products are getting our full focus. But our work does not consist exclusively of creating, producing and selling these Petit Stellou favorites. Equally important to us are the encounters and cooperation with the many women whose topics, issues and challenges we share on a daily basis. We believe that an open exchange makes everything easier. That mutual encouragement gives us all the courage to go further and push boundaries.

We dedicate our EVA by Petit Stellou product line to us women!